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Don’t Give Up, Just Go On!

“Washington Mutual, how may I help you?”

That was me. I was sitting in the middle of a call center in the San Fernando Valley, with a headset on and my fingers poised at a keyboard… READ


Even When you Don’t Feel Like It

Some days I’m just not feeling it and today is one of those days. I don’t know why, maybe my chakra is misaligned with the snow moon in my seventh house of cards… READ


Start by Claiming Your Space

When you’re starting a side hustle or business (freelancing is a business), it’s tempting to think that you first need a business plan, or maybe some capital, or like all really real businesses, a Costco membership. You don’t. Those things are for… READ


How to Predict Your Income

Do you know how much money you have coming in this month? I mean, from all sources. Your paycheck, your business, your side hustle, poker nights, all that yarn you have on eBay… READ


How the Bullet Journal Saved My Brain

A Bullet Journal (BuJo if you’re nasty), is more than just another glorified to-do list or boring scheduling planner. Yes, it can be that, but what I love about it is… READ


Can’t Deal with Email? Sure You Can.

Since email isn’t going anywhere soon, we all have to figure out how to deal with the things that suck. I’ve spent over 20 years trying out different clients, platforms and systems for taking control of my email.… READ



What Happened When I Worked Out of the Library

Our local library has decent WiFi, big tables, and outlets. It’s basically a 100% free co-working space. Sound cool? It kind of is cool. However, there are some trade-offs you make when you work out of a library. Not deal breakers, more like little compromises… READ


Waking Up Early May Not Be For You

There’s a newish platitude making its merry way around the internet, maybe you’ve heard it. It’s about getting up before 5 a.m. to achieve Massive, Ultimate, and Total Global Domination. It’s mostly in passive income and entrepreneurial type memes… READ

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